Playing up: Live Art for Kids and Adults

10AM “ 5.30PM

The launch of PLAYING UP was marked with a major symposium with leading thinkers and practitioners in the field.
View videos from the symposium.

The Symposium:
Discussed what working with and for children can give to Live Art
Explored the possibilities of Live Art as a cultural strategy for children in part by challenging the assumptions which may underline traditional education and family programming strategies.
Provided an overview of the opportunities and challenges of developing Live Art projects for, with and about kids.
Profiled significant examples of Live Art projects with kids, and suggest the potential for future collaborations between artists and kids.
Shared outcomes and knowledge about the new PLAYING UP resource and put the project in context.

Symposium Contributors
Including artists, researchers, curators and educators based in the UK and Germany: Sibylle Peters (Theatre of Research), Darren O’Donnell (Mammalian Diving Reflex), Eilidh MacAskill (artist), Matt Fenton (Contact Theatre), Random People (Esther Pilkington & Daniel Ladnar), Richard Dedomenici (artist), Professor Heike Roms (Aberystwyth University), The Institute for the Art & Practice of Dissent At Home, Lone Twin (artists), Zoe Laughlin (Institute of Making) Ansuman Biswas (artist), Professor Geesche Wartemann (University of Hildesheim), Professor Alan Read (King’s College London), Harold Offeh (artist), Hannah Biedermann (Pulk Fiktion), Sarah-Jane Norman (artist), John McGrath (Manchester International Festival), and Evan Ifekoya (artist).
The Symposium was curated by the Live Art Development Agency (LADA), Tate Early Years and Family Programme and Theatre of Research.

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